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I’m a programmer from California specializing in web development. Initially in Java, a small stint in C and the MEAN stack. Happily employed at a startup where I’m working with python and Backbone.js. I make web apps that I think people would like to use. If there’s anything I need, its community inspection so please call me out on my bs.

Logging Information on Browser Crashes

Every now and then your web application does something so wild and unpredictable that it crashes the browser that you’re running it on. In order to create a better product for our users, we would need to log pertinent information every time our app crashes. Unfortunately there is no way to send a crash log before or during the crash due to the unpredictable nature of the crash and the browser’s web environment no longer working. The best thing to do is to send the logs after the crash. This post will go through a technique to detect when the user’s previous session has crashed so that we can perform the relevant logging actions.

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Rendering List of Elements in React With JSX

Understanding how JSX is processed can be slightly tricky to understand. Knowing when its appropriate to use JavaScript code and when to use HTML in your JSX can be very nuanced when writing React code. Understanding how the JSX will compile is critical in writing basic React that will render in predictable ways every time. This guide will go over the slightly tricky scenario of getting a list to render and how it can help us understand more about React and JSX.

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A Review of Hired

After gaining back my technical skills and feeling confident in interviewing again I decided to become useful and jump into the endless sea of available technical jobs. Of course I applied to the typical big engineering companies and some other smaller ones but sometimes you just need to know what else is out there. I think Hired fills this void perfectly.

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Codewars, Leetcode, Hackerrank. Online Judges Reviews

Sometimes the projects you work on just aren’t stimulating enough. Sometimes you need to fill your brain with as many programming problems as possible. Usually tackling a small sized project only requires a small set of challenges to solve while the rest of the time is spent tying the project together. When you need as many challenges to tackle in as short a time as possible you need online judges. This article is a review on the online judges, Codewars, LeetCode, and HackerRank.

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Things I Learned From Failing Technical Interviews

I just had a long month of technical phone interviews from numerous companies that I got from the technical job hunting service Hired. Its funny, you don’t truly learn until you’ve actually made mistakes in a scenario that actually matters. With that being said, I think I learned a ton of lessons from getting rejected from many technical interviews and I want to share my insights with you!

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JavaScript Inheritance

As you may already know, Javascript has an interesting inheritance pattern called prototypal inheritance. You too can start using prototyping powers of Javascript with this one weird trick found by an Orange County mom. James Gosling creator of Java hates it!

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How Much Stuff Can You Fit in Memory?

So you’re given a limit on the amount of random access memory your program can use, how much stuff (ints, chars, booleans, bytes) can you cache in there before having to store it in physical media?

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6.82 Visualizer Postmortem

source code

6.82 Visualizer is a gold and experience data visualizer (grapher) for the game Dota 2. There was a controversial update to the game where the game would give the losing team drastic advantages so that they would be able to catch up to the leader. The changes are difficult to imagine due to the amount of variables so this program was created to show the data on how much the game had changed.

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