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I’m a programmer from California specializing in web development. Initially in Java, a small stint in C and the MEAN stack. Happily employed at a startup where I’m working with python and Backbone.js. I make web apps that I think people would like to use. If there’s anything I need, its community inspection so please call me out on my bs. Postmortem

source code is an anonymous real-time secret posting website. Other supportive members can send comforting messages of support to the anonymous secret sharer. The secret sharer can thank these anonymous eyes and ears for their support in turn. All of this is done in real time letting users have an outlet for those things that they hide to themselves.

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A Basic Rundown of How the Internet Works

So how does the internet work? How does your desktop, phone, laptop, Xbox, television, all get access to YouTube or Facebook? It’s actually kind of miraculous that something that was once used as a long distance communication protocol to share research amongst universities is now being used as what I think is the hottest commodity of the modern world. What’s even more miraculous is that the internet is just a bunch of machines playing the largest game of telephone at an incredibly blistering rate.

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What Is This?

The this keyword in JavaScript is probably one of the most confusing and misunderstood fundamental concepts of the language. The use of this allows for repeatable creation of objects and flexibility in method sharing, but its often the source of many problems through misuse and misunderstanding. It’s honestly not something that’s too terribly intuitive or something that’s understood even after reading several articles and putting in the actual effort to learn it. The process of completely learning about this and its uses to the language is a long journey of reading and experimenting. Here’s another effort in explaining this. As a preface, you will be introduced to calls and bindsas well as this so get ready.

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Organizing Object Oriented Javascript

Object oriented Javascript isn’t really a new concept. For years people have been trying to make JavaScript more familiar towards object oriented programmers by perverting its naturally prototypical architecture towards something more classical. There are many guides on how to create classes with private and public members and inheritance but there aren’t as many guides on how to organize these into an actual usable and familiar project structure. I think the primary problem in why developers have so many varying ways of organizing their Javascript code is in that the language was never really meant to be built to such huge degrees. Large scale Javascript projects are popping up with the rise in popularity of NodeJS and large-scale front end frameworks that try to organize the usual mess that comes from hacking together a ‘native’ application experience on the web. The need for organized module JS is becoming increasingly important which is why I think I’ve found a pretty decent solution from the wide amount of options out there.

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Executing Highlighted Code in Eclipse Debugger

Just a short one for my sake since I keep forgetting.
Highlight a segment of Java code while on a breakpoint and press ctrl+u to execute, or ctrl+shift+d to execute and display the result. Helpful for when you want to check if a certain conditional that’s coming up in the next lines will return what you believe for it to return.

Having this is super handy and something I miss when jumping from Chrome’s javascript debugger that allows you to execute any arbitrary code in the console.

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Bejeweled Bot

source code
source game

Bejeweled Bot is a bot that automatically plays Bejeweled Blitz as fast as possible. Once executed, the bot will orient itself with the origin of the game board, determine the current gems on the grid, parse the possible matches, then move the appropriate gems in the game to create matches. I forked the repository from kklemm91 and improved on code organization, naming, and execution efficiency.

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Text Twist Bot

source code
source game

Text Twist Bot is a bot made to play the anagram solving game Text Twist. Once ran, the bot will auto detect the location of the window, parse the current letters on the board, and automatically input all anagrams that can be found from those six letters. Of course solving anagrams is not new in the field of programming but whatever, revel in its glory!

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Balancing Confidence, Arrogance, Ignorance, and Humility

Something I’ve picked up in my first professional job is that nobody appreciates humility. While being humble is a virtue, it’s not one that’s usually appreciated in the workplace. No workplace has an award ready for the most respectful employee. No one is going to be noticed if they complete a difficult task in a short amount of time and stay reserved about it. Humility is not a quality that is desired in greenhorn employees of any field. Despite their inexperience, they need to be confident in anything they do and say while being able to back it up. Of course I say this as if I’m the leading expert in standing tall and speaking up in new positions or situations but no I’m pretty much a hypocrite.

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Regular Expressions

regular expression crossword

Regular expressions are hard. There’s a lot to them that vary between different regular expression engines. They’re often considered to be an afterthought when it comes to a programmer’s tools due to the relative infrequency at which they’re used. Whenever they are actually needed, the programmer most likely only reads the minimum amount required that will fulfill the parsing problem at hand. Regular expressions are super cryptic to read and even more so when writing them in Java. While I don’t necessarily enjoy working with regular expressions, I highly respect those who are comfortable enough to take on any sort of parsing problem. This post is an attempt for me to solidify some of the basic and advanced things I’ve been picking up with regular expressions recently.

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