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Things I Learned From Failing Technical Interviews

I just had a long month of technical phone interviews from numerous companies that I got from the technical job hunting service Hired. Its funny, you don’t truly learn until you’ve actually made mistakes in a scenario that actually matters. With that being said, I think I learned a ton of lessons from getting rejected from many technical interviews and I want to share my insights with you!

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Balancing Confidence, Arrogance, Ignorance, and Humility

Something I’ve picked up in my first professional job is that nobody appreciates humility. While being humble is a virtue, it’s not one that’s usually appreciated in the workplace. No workplace has an award ready for the most respectful employee. No one is going to be noticed if they complete a difficult task in a short amount of time and stay reserved about it. Humility is not a quality that is desired in greenhorn employees of any field. Despite their inexperience, they need to be confident in anything they do and say while being able to back it up. Of course I say this as if I’m the leading expert in standing tall and speaking up in new positions or situations but no I’m pretty much a hypocrite.

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