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A Review of Hired

After gaining back my technical skills and feeling confident in interviewing again I decided to become useful and jump into the endless sea of available technical jobs. Of course I applied to the typical big engineering companies and some other smaller ones but sometimes you just need to know what else is out there. I think Hired fills this void perfectly.

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Codewars, Leetcode, Hackerrank. Online Judges Reviews

Sometimes the projects you work on just aren’t stimulating enough. Sometimes you need to fill your brain with as many programming problems as possible. Usually tackling a small sized project only requires a small set of challenges to solve while the rest of the time is spent tying the project together. When you need as many challenges to tackle in as short a time as possible you need online judges. This article is a review on the online judges, Codewars, LeetCode, and HackerRank.

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